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Poppa Pump 

Poppa Pump is a pro insulin product designed to take your training though the roof. The body has 2 storage units, one for fat and one for glycogen.  Once glycogen has been fully stored within the skeletal muscle tissue the excess left in the blood stream gets stored as fat. This is how Poppa pump effects your body. AO Nutrition has developed a revolutionary nutrient partitioning agent that will assist you in gaining, and maintaining, a streamlined physique.  Poppa pump should be taken before carbohydrate meals, cheat meals, before training, or after training to help partition nutrients. Catch up to speed and control your physique. When you take a cheat meal with fats and sugars Poppa Pump will force your body to create the anabolic chemical Insulin!  Insulin will amplify anything you are taking or eating causing your body so if you are already on a pro hormone or performance enhancer WATCH OUT!


  • Great for Male And Female Athletes 
  • Insane Pumps!
  • Maximun Protien Absorption 
  • Enhances Absorption of Key Nutrients
  • Protection from Free Radicals
  • Activation of Brown Fat Tissue



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